World Bibim Week is the one and only festival in South Korea that choose 'weekly system'. The festival is held for an entire month in Jeonju and main programs are available on weekends.

About 2021 Jeonju Bibimbap Festival, World Bibim Week...

We have contacted 6 leading young chefs to develop a unique menu that will be provided to citizens during the festival!

Every week the theme for the festival changes and the specific program varies by the theme. We have also designated every weekend as a special day.

Week 1, Bibim week (๋น„๋น”์œ„ํฌ) Oct. 9-10
Bibim means to mix and the act of mixing things. The directors of the festival have interpreted the term 'mix' as a harmony so they will provide a program that is open for everyone! Also, both Saturday and Sunday are designated as a 'Couple day'! If you visit Jeonju in a group of two, you'll probably have the best day of your life! Because we have organized multiple programs for two
Week 2, Vitamin week (๋น„ํƒ€๋ฏผ์œ„ํฌ) Oct. 16-17
Week 2 focuses on nutritious and healthy foods. There is a common belief that if it tastes good, it is bad for the body, but there are going to be a lot of foods that break this stereotype. A lot of delicious food made with vegetables will be served, so if you are vegetarian, sign up for the week 2 right now!
Week 3, Protein week (๋‹จ๋ฐฑ์งˆ์œ„ํฌ) Oct. 23-24
If you are meatatarian, don't miss it! The goal of this festival is to help visitors taste various foods as much as possible
Week 4, World week(์›”๋“œ์œ„ํฌ) Oct. 30-31
You can taste a variety of exotic foods. We believe it would be meaningful if you visit World Bibim Week with your friends from a different cultural background. We sincerely hope you experience the true meaning of 'Bibim'.
We suggest you visit World week with your family. If you have a wedding anniversary or something to celebrate at home, don't miss your chance to sign up for the World week programs. We'll do our best to help you make a special memory for a day to remember.
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Main Programs
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Information about the festival will be updated on our official Instagram account (@worldbibimweek)